GENERAL LAB. You can find 3 differentiated zones in the general lab. On the first zone 3 different areas : cutting/ macroscopical photography and processing, liquid cytology and freezing microtomy (cryostat). Second zone: General microtomy and mounting area. Thrird zone: Histochemical and Immunohistochemical area.


MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND CYTOGENETICS. In the Molecular Biology area we have 3 separated working areas in order to escape from possible contaminations: A clean area for DNA/RNA extraction. A dirty area for PCR, electrophoresis and gels photography. In the Cytogenetics working area you can find an In Situ Hybridization area and a dark room for Fluorescence Microscopy.


DIAGNOSTIC AREA. 3 offices dedicated to conventional microscopy and microphotography, and a discussion room with a multi head microscope.


SPECIMEN TAKE. HPV and superficial PAAF samples are taken in perfectly equipped rooms.


ADMIN AND RECEPTION. In the admin area we receive our patients and external samples.