Patológika Molecular

In the last decade scientits have managed to characterize a large number of biomarkers allowing the discovery of new therapeutic targets. The development of molecular diagnostic methods, more sensitive and specific, allow the application of individualized treatments. This is a great opportunity to enclose the progression of cancer processes and has a direct impact on the health of our patients. 


Patológika Laboratory provides to the clinical and scientific community a pioneering service in molecular techniques applied to diagnosis. 



We perform conventional PCR and Real-Time PCR to detect mutations in genes with therapeutic interest in solid tumors (biomarkers). Conventional PCR and Low Density Micro-array Hybridization to characterize pathogenic viruses. 

We also perform paternity and maternity tests and human genetic identification tests (DNA Fingerprinting) in collaboration with Genomica S.A.U. (ENAC accreditation).



Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) for detection of gene amplifications and translocations in solid and liquid tumors. Also in cytologies.


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